Choosing a Long Distance Carrier

Today's consumer literally has hundreds of long distance providers to choose from.
Several things to keep in mind when choosing a carrier are as follows.

If a deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Several carriers promise low rates, only to attach service charges or minimums per call. For instance a dime rate sounds good until you realize there ia a three minute minimum per call.
If a carrier is giving very low rates one day a week, or at a certain time of the day, they are making it up somewhere else. Five cent Sundays, or Fridays Free sound great, but what are you paying the rest of the week?

Some carriers offer discounts for every call over 20 minutes. How many calls do you make that are not over 20 minutes?
Some carriers offer great rates for Interstate calls, and then raise the rate for every call made in Ohio.

The best way to shop is to compare apples to apples. Total up your toll minute and divide into total cost. This will give you a cost per minute for all your calls. Then compare this figure to what other companies charge.

Heritage Long Distance is proud of our plans which benefit every customer. Major long Distance companies spend millions of dollars each year to market their services. We prefer to pass these savings on to our customers.

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