Doylestown Telephone Company services are now available in Marshallville Ohio.

Interested in the newest technology Fiber to the Customer? Contact our service center and request our service that provides Telephone, Cable TV and High-Speed Internet Access all on a single new fiber connection to you.

This is not a virtual service provided over Coax. We are delivering a direct to the home connection that connects to your existing phones, TV and computer. Connect to our all fiber network that has been deployed within the last year.

We are confident that you will see an improvement in your services and an overall reduction in costs no matter who you have for your Telephone Company, Cable Company and Internet Service Provider.

To become a customer, we are currently taking installation appointments for customers interested in all three services (Phone, Cable TV and Internet). This is where you will see the largest savings and best service offerings. Call today for your appointment.

Over the next few weeks you will see more activity in your neighborhood from the Doylestown Telephone Company. The new service has finally arrived and it is coming from the family owned company next door.

Contact our customer service center by calling 866-658-2121 or stop by our office in Doylestown.

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