“New Communication Technology Comes To Marshallville from Their Next-door Neighbor”

Doylestown, Ohio

Today Doylestown Telephone Company has officially released plans to expand their service area in Chippewa Township. For the first time in their one hundred and five year history, Doylestown Telephone Co. will be “edging out” their services to include the village of Marshallville, Ohio. The new offering will be utilizing a brand new “Fiber to the Consumer (FttC)” technology that is capable of delivering voice, cable TV and high-speed Internet Access. Doylestown Telephone Company is deploying a state of the art technology for a community that historically has had only one choice for local phone service.

This service will be available to residences and businesses within Marshallville and will provide a significant improvement in their current technology choices. The new services will also offer an overall reduction in the cost of communication services for consumers. This landmark offering from The Doylestown Telephone Company will deliver phone, cable TV and high-speed Internet services to a home or business over a single fiber optic connection.

What will Fiber to the Customer (FttC) do for the consumer?
“By installing a new network of neighborhood connections using the latest fiber technology and extending fiber to every home that wants service, we are preparing customers for a technology revolution in this rural town,” says Telephone Company President Tom Brockman. “It also means that we will be future proofing for changes in technology. Unlike the existing networks of copper and coaxial cable, fiber is virtually unlimited in its carrying capacity. As new communications services and capabilities are created, they can be delivered over the same fiber infrastructure we have installed.”

Consumers in the Marshallville area have been subjected to outdated technology either through their current Local Telephone Exchange Carrier or Cable TV Company. This new service offering will include advanced calling features, high-speed Internet access that does not require costly cable modems and unlimited flat-rate long distance calling plans.

This service expansion will reach the Marshallville community in May of this year. Currently there are a number of test customers already in place with the “Fiber to the Customer” service.

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